Letters to Father Christmas Show Review

A night full of singing and dance

Review transcript:

A fun-packed seasonal play, performed and presented by young people lived up to its aims on Sunday to 'Save Christmas.'

The show was put on at the Higbury theatre by Street Katz Theatre and Film.

Producer Jane Mason, who has worked with Highbury for 30 years, said: "We decided on lots of singing, dancing and intrigue as events were set in motion to save Christmas."

"Santa needed to get on with his Christmas Eve deliveries and answer all his letters before the big day. And we ensured it was full of songs and characters everyone knows and loves - Prince Charming and Cinderelle, Mary Poppins and Snow White, a snowman and a scarecrow and of course, goodie Santa and baddie Scrooge."

The story had an uplifing ending when Scrooge, played by Philip Thebridge, entered stage left carrying a big turkey.

The play, 'Letters to Father Christamas,' was written by Jane Mason and Philip TheBridge with animation by Nick Cave.